Hell As A Thing

Vintage Words



Here is perfidy and brimstone, flames

high as Everest. Enough heat to melt rock

into lava and lava enough to overflow,

harden, and explode worlds.


Duplicity found inside a thinking brain

leads to confused history. Betrayal of purpose

would supplant betrayal as a rule. Disloyalty

is town crier to coming loneliness and distrust.

Treacherousness as a plan causes the paint

to peel and the walls to die. Who is responsible

for such hellishness?


Here is perfidy, human greed that values

the starving and the diseased. How can bloodlust

be other than a means to death? War as hell

works too.






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AquarianMale's picture

This was wonderfully written.

This was wonderfully written. We all live in a world of mind that mirrors our own attitudes and expectations. Unfortunately duplicity is birthed because everything we think and feel exists in the “I” of the beholder. Depending of which way the wind blows, this can lead one toward great wealth, or into the depths of intolerable misery. Still, if one falls prey to the “treachery” of human greed without conscious consideration for the “starving and the diseased,” then yes, all is vanity and this only becomes – “a means to death,” for others as well as our own self-annihilation. However you have said all of that and much more in this well constructed piece. Thank you for sharing.

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Dear AquarianMale

I tackle the big questions and relationships when I go to the "I" space - getting it into the world is like unleasing a monster of ambiguity to twist and rankle the ideation matrices. You know clearly about this - hmmmm. . . Thanks for the read ~Lady A~


Lady A