Chocolate Mannerisms

Vintage Words

Was it the brown fingerprints

on the page or the smeared sugary

stickiness on the keyboard?
No, my muse would not forget

to wash his hands before attempting

Still, there are a lot of discarded

candy wrappers on my lawn and I

can smell the faint aroma of chocolate.

Either he's hiding or purposefully

keeping the good stuff away

from someone who might want dibs.

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It's funny

It's Funny how the world goes round  I just was sent this one to read by a Friend ... thought I'd pass it on lol 


It calls from the place where it may lie 
Even if it’s not visible to the eye 
It’s no matter what time of day 
Or whether you`re at work or play 
It always seems to sooth the mood 
And it`s so much better than food 
The problem is when it goes over our lips 
With most of us, it goes straight to the hips 
I`ll just have a piece or two 
And just for in case another few 
Only a few a though i would grab 
But when i look I’ve finished the slab 
Who would have thought so much joy it could bring 
It just makes my taste buds start to sing 
And now of course in my jeans i will no longer fit 
A few extra was worth it 
I`ll make up for it tomorrow in the gym 
Just a few exercises and I’ll be slim 
Again tomorrow the cycle will start 
It seems never will chocolate and i be able part 
And at the empty papers i stare 
As if it were a vicious love affair 
And every time i think I’ll stop 
Another piece in my mouth i pop 
So chocolate it seems it`s just you and me 
Forever together we will be

 ~ Vaughn Bekker ~

Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces

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The Jeans No Longer Fit!

Well, let's see, food messages abound, we are headed to Florida, first stop the Crab Shack, the next day the spa for massages. Oh the fat. Oh the jeans tht are in sizes of 8 to 12, at least it's not 14 to 16 like it used to be. Thinking about the treadmill in the basement - just thinking and thinking. Thanks for the share. Enjoyed the humor. Goal - 120 before this time next year.


Lady A