Why Did The Naked Lady Climb Over The Fence?

Vintage Words


It wasn't so much that her clothes

were on the other side
more a case of falling out

of the bathroom window
and needing to get in through

the open back door. Or
She had on a thin body leotard

and just looked naked
when the security patrol flashed

the light on her buttocks
and grinned, grew embarrassed,

and apologized. Then, totally

chagrinned, marched on. Or
Maybe you just need to get

the prescription in your glasses
changed. This was the outline of

a poet's vividly imagined image
unleashed to entertain because,

as we know, no one ever climbs

a wall naked.



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I know!

While with her lover

Gravy spilled on her clothes

And the dog ran away

With his treasure!

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That Is The Reason, How Did You Know?

Love it! Interest in nonsense is on the rise, have you noticed? Ta ~ Lady A

Lady A


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Why Did The Naked Lady Climb

Why Did The Naked Lady Climb The Fence

To get to the other side ?

And Yes My Over Active Imagination went on Overload , When i caught the Title ..Laughing My Crazy Ass Off !

Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces

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is my calling for 2015: To create serious gafaws and grinning. (Been watching stand up comics on HBO again 's all.) I missed my calling: I should have been a wealthy clown. :D Laughter is the best medicine (Reader's Digest motto).

Lady A