Good And Easy

Vintage Words


This will be easy, he thought,

hair uncombed, clothes unwashed,
crumbs in the rear seat from habit.
His face smeared with a smirk,
he looked dog-rage rabid.
The driver frowned thinking,
"Not good." 
Clean and quite neat, never

ate in the car and habitually kept

clean his rear seat. Their uncle

observed them through the rear

view, one behaved as he should

the other's behavior, not good.
Cursing, talking of girls as if objects,

ranting incessantly about music no one

but he wanted to hear. The uncle kept

quiet silently repeating, that's

definitely no good.
Calm with patience and each
comment was nice, the brother
listened to his uncle's advice.
He left the radio alone, hoped
his brother'd calm down, he had
washed up, and changed clothes.
He knew dirty and smelly.
Not good!
Anger was as opinionated
as a talk show host and his
voice volume needed to
come down. Yelling like a fan
of his team in the stands
was uncontestably labeled,
not good.


They arrived to discover
that the uncle's wife looked
like a lady lovely and loving.
"Give this one the keys
to the van and a job,”
she said softly. “Give that one
a bus ticket home.”
The uncle nodded and smiled
giving thought of the smell
and quantity of crumbs in his
car. He considered cold and cruel
lyrics and a voice cursing loudly;
the decision was not all that hard.
He shook his head in agreement
looked up from the pavement
and said, "Yes, dear." He thought,

"Very good!"




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Be mindful and respectful

Be mindful and respectful always. You never know what it could cost you.


Nice poem



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I Can Hear Grandmama

"Sit us straight" (and my back is okay for posture at least - existence and time make it hurt, but it's straight!) "Go to church!" Aw, I wanna watch Disney. I went to church and learned what good meant, not that I was good all the time, but I at least knew when I was not being good. - thanks for the read and wonderful comment - Lady A

Lady A