Vintage Words

Excitation, like two sticks
rubbed enthusiastically,
heats the air until the room
conflagrates. It may begin
with a brown circle that yearns
to spread until the world
develops holes.
When there is a circle
of fire substituting as
passion, like rabid desire
unleashed on expectation,
healthy sweat, wet and sweet,
purges the flames that
have fallen and singes
the floor.

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In the ashes of the passion
The fire desires the flame
Fuel to burn and ego to churn
Let the rabid rapture in
For it is in those moments of weakness disguised as perfection
That we truly discover the freedom of sweet infection
From a touch to something far beyond a dream
Comes the greatest form of expression expelling

I had to walk outside in the cold and burn two cigs before I could regain my composure.
Scentual, sweet, and devilishly intoxicating...all the things a growing boy needs :p
Absolutely amazing.

"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr

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Aw shucks, sir. I acknowledge your comment - while writing, I drank lots of water. Thanks for your poem reply! Yeah. ~(:L)- Lady A.

Lady A