Friends Of Mine

Vintage Words


All my old friends are dead
or dying, in jail, or on the way
to jail. I am sick and unable
to move about much anymore.
And, making new friends was a plan
that took two years to put
into reality.
I loved my old friends. Hearing
of their passage was hard
and I swallowed the inevitable.
Family died or went to jail
or went crazy or got too sick
to move. The definition of life
is in there somewhere.
I have this last leaf on the bough
feeling and spend a few minutes each
day trying to make new friends.
Getting past barriers is troublesome,

but I keep trying. Otherwise

it is going to get real quiet in here 

real quick.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Covid -19 quiet.


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Daniel-59's picture

having old friends that are

having old friends that are dead or dying.

Is the price we pay for living a hell of a lot longer 
than We were Expecting
along with all the heart aches , the betrayals and sacrifices
I myself never figured I see 21 let alone 55 but I'm not counting
on 56 till I see it 

~ D D ~    

Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces

allets's picture

I'm Counting on 65

The rest of my work pensions kick in then & they say most of them are broke, it's bad when you outlive your retirement money. I'll count to 56 4 ya - but yeah, at 21 I had my doubts about seeing 22. The world turns and would have aged nicely without so much human intervention ~(:D)- Lady A

Lady A


bishu's picture

Indeed Respected Madam Allets

The definition of life
is in there somewhere.



allets's picture

Yeah, Bish

I think it is. :D From across the big rain puddle of infinite cubic centimeters of life giving miracles - Lady A

Lady A


LutherSeahand's picture

My Fiends

Dear Stella,


I read this, and was moved.

allets's picture

Ecstatically Glad To See You Today

Thanks for the read and comment. To connect is the point, I say. You made my afternoon smile ~(:D)- Yr poempal, Lady A

Lady A