Blueberries & Grits

Vintage Words


"You can't mix
blueberries with
Why not?
Don't think
of the box
think mason
jar or glass
of grits.
Hot bubbly
& blue. The
real nitty
But with grits!
Salt & butter 

is the only add in,
but some like  it
with sugar.

they mix cornbread
& buttermilk.






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Blueberries! \(^_^)/

I'm not find of grits but I like blueberries! Put them in a blender with sugar and make your own jam to spread on fresh biscuits or warm bread or toast. YUMMY!

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As kids we gathered raspberries, squashed into glass of milk with sugar.  heaven sent nectar! The jam sounds really really good. <(:D)-   ~A~



Lady A


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Me an grit's never were fond

Me an grit's never were fond of one another and when I think mason

jar ? I think of Grandad Moonshine !!!!!!!!!!!

Must be the location

Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces

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In Michigan Mason Jars

are for canning, and as kids we used them as glasses. Moonshine - never had any, but sounds like a mason jar substance. Who was Mason anyway? Time to Google. - Lady A

Lady A