Absence Of Virtue

Vintage Words


Dental drillings
and tooth fillings I can
do without. Backaches
and headaches should go
the way of the dodo.
Toe stubbing and that
twinge you get that goes
up your whole leg
and makes you stop
until the spasm dies,
that one too.

Child birth? Oh yeah.

That end game
nonsense is less curse
than pain I could
have lived my life
entire without.



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If I woke up one morning

If I woke up one morning without Pain ?

I'd be reading the obitchuaries to see if My name was there ! ...lol

Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces

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It Is Said...

that as long as you feel pain, you're alive - What idiot said that? I just deadened pain this morning - addicted to Advil and pain free for four hours! ~Lady A

Lady A