for bern

Vintage Words


Put the kettle on

the fire (which was odd since

the stove was electric). The guest

was about to arrive via internet,

so the kettle was metaphorical



Still, my welcome mat is broomed

to visibility. Bern is slowly

walking in from the curb.

Birds and butterflies accompany

him and of course, he lets them.

Under his arm, a manuscript

of stories taken from his dreams

to share during tea.


His audience is captivated

by the message in the tea leaves,

but the birds and butterflies

roost enraptured beyond

the window on the sill, beaks

and antennae to the glass,







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bishu's picture

Only one Bern I've seen so far He's a showstopper indeed

Words freeze in their tracks when I try to permeate his feelings behind the tiny trysts with Realilty using fairies,witches,leperchauns,elfs and of couse himself as props Me as a fan of Bern have been kicked into writing tiny pieces But each time I miserably fail.Excuse me my friend.But I'll try till my last day.Just today I read about a childhood silly confession which those brought up in plenty will never realize.Often his writes makes my heart heavy & I'm close to tears. The next moment I laugh out loud reading another piece.That is the power of Bern's pen/keyboard.My ooperwallah give him health and happiness till the end of his earthy travel. He is a 10star writer and none shall ever match up to him.Thank you from my innards Lady Madam Allets for writing this piece.. Let's see him on 1-1-2060 on Poets Island.He'll be happy to see us Smile



allets's picture

Isles Poetica (Bern's Place)

Yes! See him there and you all in January the first of 2060. He will have the computer lab set up and the bar-b-que pit dug and hot to feed us nectar flavored roasted corn wrapped in pixie magic and elfin dreams. He is our Bern - Lady A

Lady A


Starward's picture


What a magnificent tribute.


[* /+/ ^]

allets's picture

Thank You Bern

for enriching our lives by sharing your mind. For him, my highest accolade: "Bern Rocks!" - Thanks for the read and heart sent comment - Lady A

Lady A


palewingedpoetess's picture

That was just beautiful Lady A..............

I'm sure Bern will think it a real topper. I loved the line the welcome mat is broomed to visabiity and what you did with the butterflies and birds was etheral indeed. Light, love and joy filled your every line. I'd not be surprised if I learned your poem made Bern tear up a bit.

What a unique welcome for your virtual guest. Bravo Lady wordsmith bravo indeed! Sincerely, a fan Melissa.

allets's picture

A Tear Indeed

His writing always makes me feel better, if not outright hilarious, chuckle worthy, or in some way educationally uplifting. Bern is the man, but mostly Bern is the writer and if he tears up a bit, in so doing he knows he is appreciated by his peers. God bless you Bernie, Lady A

Lady A