Too Black

Vintage Words


Ink. See, you were

expecting something highly

unbalanced and off-centerish

right? No. Ink is not all

that political, it is just

ink and rarely used by poets



Ink is black and from

a fountain pen or inkwell tends,

with over-long use, to put

splotches on the page.


Well, I guess ink

is off-balanced a bit

and politically correct

worthy sometimes.







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Haha you got me. Great poem.

Haha you got me. Great poem. :) I liked it very well. I don't see how you can write so many poems!!! Haha you must be very passionate indeed 

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Number of Poems

Thank you - I write as I feel like expressing - usually something happens or I see a news story or a line from a novel or poet that set me to penning. For me, it's fun and a release. ~S~


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