Vintage Words


To see is the same thing as believing

unless you are mind blind and you

can only see what is sent to you

from somebody else's book.


Lost inside your own thinking makes

sense if you live alone and deny access 

to new concepts from foreign voices.


It is not your fault looking back all the time,

it's mine for not speaking up and telling

the world you see okay and have a vibrant

voice to boot.







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I like it...

It's got gears turning in my head.  To see is to believe; but to know...  Would that be clairvoyance? "you can only see what is sent to you from somebody else's book." That line.  Makes me think of most knowledge we have.  Thought in generalI know what its like to be lost in the head.

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This Is My Thinking Here

You are mentored, but there is a point when teachers, heroes, mentors, and family "other books" should develop into an individual with thoughts not absolutely based on that of those you admire and love. The worlds around you are larger if you are brave enough to open the mind to new ideas, ways of living, knowing more than the sum...I ask for creativity and imagination, a total reformation and revolution. Many are too afraid to believe there is no such thing as "the box".
- Lady A

Lady A