After Life

Vintage Words

There is this huge bulletin board
posted on eternity for the dead to keep
tally. Whenever a living person
remembers something about them
a great mark is drawn next to their
name and trumpets (or the after
life equivalents of trumpets)
announce the remembrance.
So, make a list and let the dead
have their day - Curses or love
it makes no never mind. To be
remembered is the thing.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think of Curtis Michael Crews often - kinda like a jazz festival out there with Dizzy and Coletrane on brass , Krupa and Sandy Nelson on drums, and Sarah Vaughn on vocals. :D - A

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palewingedpoetess's picture

such brevity but oh so moving.......

today the maestro took up her pen. bravo Lady A. You produced a tiny taste for us today of an endless banquet that awaits. Much appreciation. Fondly, M. P.S. by the way, I love the jazz additions. Really classy touch there!

allets's picture

Appreciation Is Warmly Sent

Thanks for you kind comment. I have been listening to jazz lately - so it kinda snuck in - but writing again feels great - Be well, - Lady A

Lady A