Detroit Messengers

Vintage Words

Detroit pigeons roost
in rusted ramparts
watching the new construction
that hearalds Renaissance.
They know the regulars
in the park who feed them
religiously and wonder-coo
where they will all of them

live when the rents are
too high.
These pigeons know
on what side their
toast is buttered
and will always return

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Feeling the pigeons there & here Ma'am A/S

More than 50 pigeons of different colours grace my humble home. They litter the place with their poo. Pigeon feathers float into my living & bedroom. Sometimes a pigeon dies or is killed by some night animal and I get the stench. A man is called to take away the lifeless body. About 3-4 days back I saw a cat eating a pigeon. No.. I am NOT happy living with so many pigeons. They are NOT my pets.But I don't have the heart to drive them off. Let them be. BTW I don't live in a jungle or park Laughing



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Peregrine Falcons

imported to Detroit's high rises downtown to control the pigeon population about ten years ago. I think the Detroit Pigeons won. We have a predator pigeon population - I'm just Sayin' - Lady A

Lady A