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This is no longer that dream

you want to last. Too much

reality keeps it away. Take a

walk in the shadows, slay a few

fears. Come close and believe

in the hoo doo, mystics, haints,

Truth has you by the brain

and devilish thieves came, pilfered

the pearls. You have to go

now and get them back. May

saints walk in the shadows of

your faith and slay fear's arrival.


No doubts will arise after you

walk safely through valley

shadows. Listen. That sound

is the flutterings of reality

without dream fog. You know

how to end all the rationale

for that which is dreaded.

Take what comes and be one

with contentment. May no

dream-echo or phantom live here.

Haloed, wearing your aura

as if it were skin, guard

the corporeal the remainder

of your days.





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not_an_addict's picture

May saints walk inthe

May saints walk in
the shadows
of your faith
and slay fear's

This is such a tender, and deep way to express the protection we wish on those we love. Excellent write, as always....

please read my poems, and enjoy the real-life drama that is my life!

allets's picture

Yes, Be Safe

for the new year and always - a love-wish indeed! Thank for reading my stuff - and your comments are always well received - with gratitude, I am yours in writing, Stella.

Lady A


bishu's picture

Listen. That sound is angel's wings.Wow Ma'am !!!



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Rock On Bishwanath!

Angels in a bubble
like fairies on pinheads
practice the rock
& roll and the shimmy
shimmy shake.
Angle wings are made
from gossamer fabric
and transparently
are only felt when
they land on your


Lady A