You Belong With...

When you talk to me I can feel you glowing
Your life, your beauty
I can't think for one second what I would do without you
You're smart and beautiful and you're you
The next time we meet we shouldn't waste it
We should just keep walking
We'll find a quiet place to settle and talk
Talk about what we like, what we hate 
Talk about us
I'll lay my heart out for you whether you take it or not
I want you close and I want your truth
I want to spend my days with you, for you
I want our eyes to look at each other and our hearts not to flinch
I want to hold your hand and my mind to settle
But I need-
I need this to be what you want...
But do you even love me?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Could be about someone and it could be not.

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That was a really good poem I liked it. I want to read some more of your poetry.

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Thx for commenting, I'll read some of yours too!