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The Company Was Founded On: November 12th 2006 by Shane & Jessica Diamond.
 But in 2011 it seems that 4E Inc is standing for: Death, Depression & Despair
 Death - Since the start of 4E Inc (even before it was created) Shane & Jessica's lives have been riddled with death as it seems that everyone and everything (all the pets) around them are dying rather quickly.
 Depression - Through the lives of Shane & Jessica they have both battled with depression on many issues from not being good enough to harassment issues which still plague them today.
 Despair - Things started in 2008 with the feeling of despair, and things continue to grow with them. As it seems that nothing they do works out to there own benefits, as they're constantly stuck in shitty life situations constantly being put down and all hope and wishes of ever getting out of the shitty living condition constantly gets dimmer.


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