Its only in your head;
Its all in your head.
Since birth, you were
Inculcated by the machine;
And the machine never tires.


Those that operate the machine
Are well compensated for their efforts;
And their silence regarding the
Existence of the machine
Is a contractual obligation.


The hum that the machine makes
Is the background of your world;
But you didn't know that until
You first stuck your head out
Through the hole in the wall.


If an operator finds you like this,
You'll be in trouble for sure;
And the cost of the damage
To the wall will come
Out of your salary.
You will pay with your time.

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Civilization's Wheels

Nice metaphor for capitalism or any ism actually :D slc



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I like it. Kind of reminds me

I like it. Kind of reminds me for some reason of Pink Floyd's classic, Welcome To The Machine