The newreading anchor of a major network evening news show must be a serious journalist, with a sense of gravitas at the desk and in the field, but willing to show his fun side in a playfully-innocent socially-acceptable way now and then... not too liberal or conservative in appearance or interpretation, hiding his personal bias with an almost serial killer like discipline... a light-skinned mature Black man with a sonorous voice, like Lester Holt... or perhaps your taste leans more towards a swarthy Adonis with movie star hair and a voice that purrs like a jaguar, more of a David Muir... but what do they all have in common?... great skin... clear smooth unblemished skin... I could lick that skin I could, believe me!... (the largest organ in the human body)... you see that, don't you?... you're not a complete mediocre, are you?... nice to know.

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