Workin' Hard, or Hardly Workin'

I remember back in 2019 when a man could finish a hard day's work hacking a developing world central bank from the comfort of his public housing 8th floor apartment with just a laptop computer he acquired from a suburban B&E job, dark web accessing software, a pirated internet connection, and a hot pot of black coffee... I'd walk out on the balcony for a weed pen vaping wind down and watch the sunrise... sometimes by chance, a patrol of cops in hot pursuit would be taking down one or more of my young tattooed Black male neighbors in the yard between the buildings... "O, those crazy kids," I'd think laughing under my breath as I casually browsed Grindr on my smartphone through Coke-bottle geeks...


I haven't been fucked in the ass for weeks... what's wrong with me?... I've been a good boy... haven't even sucked cock in a car outside a bar... used to be I couldn't go more than 72 hours without a big Black cock up my shithole... I have this handsome tall slender beau with an athletic physique... he lives in the cultural district downtown... a ballet dancer from Chicago... how can a man with such a masculine form be so sensative, intelligent, soft spoken?... its rare in my experience... but worth commitment?... doubtful at best.

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Is it wrong that this made me

Is it wrong that this made me laugh?

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