Off the Wagon

I'm an electrical wire that's live again,
An eye that sees again,
A fingertip that feels again,
A person that can breathe again;
Coming up from the depths,
Gasping for air, I live! I exist!
With alcohol in the bloodstream,
The bullets ricochet where they used to pierce;
Let the world destroy itself,
The species devour itself whole,
Nuclear, chemical, biological catastrophe,
Astronomical calamity, climate suicide,
Abuse, neglect, rape, murder, conflict, war.
Let the Homo sapien thrive in its mystery,
Shitting and pissing, drinking and eating,
Fucking and fighting over scarce resources,
Scheming and smiling, winning and losing,
Laughing and crying, becoming sick, then well,
Being born, dying, repeating the process indefinitely;
I toast the futility of your enterprise.

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