waiting to live

i increasingly get the feeling when i talk to people (engaging random strangers in social situations in public places has become something of an all-consuming obsession of mine, if you must know)... that most people are waiting to live their lives... waiting for their lives to become the idea in their head that they assume is their own... and they're not aware that it's a plant... the idea of what is appropriate or inappropriate, good or bad, right or wrong, what will make them happy or unhappy... its all put in their head from birth... "teach 'em young," whispered the leader with a subtle smirk and eyelids low looking out of the corner of his eye... "the adults are hopelessly set in their ways... get 'em while they're young... that's how you control, manipulate, and exploit a human being, a human mind"... tabula rasa, mothafucker!... respectfully request permission to live.... get fucked... Schopenhauer was right.

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