law and order

fuck the banga!
the State is the banga
and the banga loves to fuck;
the scent of shit stimulates it
arouses it, agitates it to action;
it howls with a cock stiffening abruptly.


through the thick darkness
of a humid night, I rise with a start;
stripping naked, i begin to run;
i hear the hired thugs (the cops)
closing the distance from behind
advancing on my flanks;
the pincer movement is in full swing;
Rommel would be proud.


they'll get me, hold me down
squirming and crying out "mercy!"
as they take turns tasting the asshole proper
digging my shithole out;
the private citizen, this libertarian swine
must be taught the discipline
for the authority
one hard dicking at a time; BANGA!

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