in the mind
tension builds imperceptibly;
then one must break free
venturing out from the depths
of the cave allegorical.


out in the open air
brisk cold flowing
under the blindingly bright
staring eye of the sun unblinking;
peeking down at me
through the bare trees
gauging my progress
racing along the old railroad bike path;
a carefree indifferent soul.


'tis dangerous and difficult
to be free-spirited in this caged world;
out in the action
two hours after sunrise
bumping rubbing near colliding
with the other vicious low creatures;
hustling grabbing grinding
out their daily bread.


they don't like my look;
I don't fit into their narrative
cultural-historically socioeconomically
out of sync with the scenery;
I hide behind a painted smile
and dancing eyes
through spacetime treading softly.

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